Dr. Paul Kingsbury

Pastor Paul Kingsbury Dr. Paul Kingsbury was raised in a Christian home and came to know the Lord Jesus as his personal Savior at five years of age. At sixteen he surrendered to serve Christ with his life under the preaching ministry of Dr. Jack Hyles of Hammond, Indiana. He began preaching in jails, nursing homes and rescue missions. He attended Maranatha Baptist Bible College and graduated from Hyles-Anderson College in 1976.

While in Bible College training for the ministry, Dr. Kingsbury was introduced to the ministries of North Love Baptist Church in Rockford Illinois, near the city of Chicago. Becoming a member of North Love in 1972, Brother Kingsbury served and was mentored under the ministry of Dr. James Alley. As an assistant pastor, he was responsible for various ministries of the church including the children's churches, teen and bus ministries.

Dr. Kingsbury has been the senior pastor of North Love since 1982, with a congregation that has grown to nine hundred regular attending members. His ministry includes a private Christian school, Bible College, Bus Ministry, and is the home of Reformers Unanimous, a local church based addictions program which has started in 882 churches across the United States and several other countries around the world. Thousands of people have come to Christ out of serious addictions and are experiencing freedom and victory through this program. Pastor Kingsbury's church has also opened homes for men and women; where they may be discipled from a lifestyle which involved alcohol, drugs and other stubborn habits to grow into spiritual maturity. Dozens of Christian workers have also been sent from North Love Baptist Church into mission fields around the world.

Dr. Kingsbury has been privileged to preach across the United States and in more than two dozen foreign countries in his thirty-six years of ministry. Pastor Kingsbury received an honorary doctorate from Ambassador Baptist College in May of 2003 and also from West Coast in May of 2006.  

Outreach Pastor

Pastor Ron Haese

Pastor Ron Haese and his wife Diana joined the staff of North Love Baptist Church in 2004. The Lord has blessed them with six children, Matt, Audrey, Gordon, Zachary, Peter and Anna. They are the grandparents of 7 grandchildren.

Pastor Haese graduated from Hyles-Anderson College in 1983 and has been involved in full time ministry since. Having served as an Assistant and Senior Pastor, as well as Bus Director, Camp Director, and in other areas of teaching, he brings a wealth of experience to our staff.

Currently Pastor Haese oversees all aspects of the outreach ministries of NLBC including the canvassing and visitation programs, soulwinning, the bus ministry, and discipliship programs.